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About us:

Coastal mercantile came into existence in 1997 by Graham Vose who has more than thirty years of broad experience in this industry. The head office is located at Queens Road, Melbourne but works all around the country. It is the company that offers its professional services in all cities and regional areas around New Zealand and Australia. We are proactively creating cutting-edge legal services to appease the unique demands of each of our clients. Coastal mercantile is a collection agency in Melbourne offering efficient skip tracing, authentic repossession services, professional field calls services, well-organized skip tracing services and proper lock-up services as well. In industry, Coastal Mercantile is distinguished as an expert debt collection agency in Melbourne. This is because, we adhere to the highest ethical standards set out by our industry while working with complete equipment, a wealth of knowledge, and loyalty to the commercial interests of our clients.

Coastal Mercantile Practices:

We thrive our best to constantly improve our effectiveness through innovations and transparency inside the organisation. The achievement of our illustrious customers is something to which we are utterly dedicated. Coastal mercantile has created a services approach upon a commitment to excellence. The professional, skilful and exceptionally experienced staff working at Coastal Mercantile keep things transparent with the client to keep them fully satisfied at each step hence they can easily handle any complicated situations that need control. Coastal Mercantile has a comprehensive network of qualified field agents to work in all parts of Melbourne. Our competitive advantage in the industry is our cost effectiveness, operational competence, and excellent human resource including a skilled and experienced administrative workforce as well as field agents. Among efficient debt collection agencies in Melbourne, Coastal Mercantile is widely known because of the team’s performance who are experts at their debt recovery services. Moreover, we make sure to serve court documents in Melbourne and all over Australia therefore we are a reliable process-serving organisation. Repossession agents who are competent and professional are important to complete this process without any extraneous hassles or legal concerns hence we hire only professionals who can save customers time and hassle. Our collection agency in Melbourne deals with every sort of messy and complicated situation calmly.

Contact Coastal Mercantile Now:

Drop us an email, call us or fill out the online enquiry form on the website to connect with us regarding services like efficient skip tracing, systematic debt collection process, repossession services, process serving or much more. We are a well-known collection agency in Melbourne. Our experts are available in the western, eastern, northern and southern suburbs of Melbourne for you. Coastal mercantile is one of the authentic debt collection agencies in Melbourne.

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