Things To Tell Your Kids Before They Start Pre-School

Pre-school or nursery is an important step in a child’s life. Parents often pay a lot of attention in finding a good nursery for their child. This is because the primary education is important for the growth of the child. Finding the perfect school and giving the full responsibility to the teachers is not right or sufficient if you need your child to be nurtured properly. You as a parent should play an integral part. Further, your child is needs to be given key importance. Therefore, following are some of the things you can tell your child before they start pre-school.

Social Skills

Even if you send your child to the best nursery in Dubai, you need to realize that you cannot force a child to gain social skills. You need to guide them through it step by step. You will have to make sure that you r child knows that he or she can talk to the person next to you and can make friends. They should also be encouraged to go forward and talk, sing or even dance when they are called to do so. Further, simple etiquettes such as a please and thank you should be inculcated in these growing children.

Communication Skills

You will want your child to attend the best nursery schools in Abu Dhabi. You will have many hopes and big dreams about them. Therefore, encouraging your child to be vocal and speak up is important. You also need to advise your child that he or she needs to be polite to everyone at any given time. Good communication skills will highlight your child among everyone else. You will also be able to address any issue your child is facing as they are able to communicate well. As these kids are still growing and is very young, you cannot expect very expressive and detailed communication skills which are impressive. Instead, you can be happy with the polite little words and poems they recite.

Other Values

These children who are in the very young stage of learning are still in need of a lot of guidance. Your child needs to be potty trained and should be able to speak to their teachers and politely request things they need. This is something you need to practice and train at home.

You should at least give a minor awareness to your child on the above aspects. You need to make sure that you do not scare the child or fear their teachers or friends. It is important that the conversation to raise awareness is a friendly and amiable one to make the most out of it.